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What is INET?

Conference Paper

The Internet is for Everyone

Jon Postel's Nigeria IT Center Programme


The aims and objectives of the Chapter shall be:

(a) To facilitate and support the technical evolution of the Internet as a research and education infrastructure, and to stimulate the involvement of the Scientific Community, Industry, Government and other sectors of human endeavour in the evolution of the Internet.

(b) To educate the scientific community, industry and the public at large concerning the technology, use and application of the Internet.

(c) To promote educational applications of Internet technology for the benefit of government, colleges, polytechnics, universities and other educational institutions, industry and the public at large.

(d) To provide a forum for exploration of new Internet applications, and to stimulate collaboration among organisations in their operational use of the global Internet.

(e) To foster unity and co-operation, and promote the welfare, social, and economic well being of members of the Chapter.

(f) To encourage interaction and cross-pollination of ideas amongst members for the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Chapter.

(g) To foster unity and co-operation between the Chapter and the Parent Society in particular and the public at large.

(h) To promote any other educational, charitable and scientific purpose and in particular the advancement of Arts and Culture, the furtherance of health and the relief of poverty, distress and sickness.


To accomplish its objectives, the Chapter shall:
(a) hold regular meetings
(b) arrange, organise and promote ideas, projects, programmes and activities that will enhance the rapid development of the Chapter in particular and the general public.
(c) mobilise, encourage all members of the Chapter and the public to be interested in its programmes and activities.


To encourage efficiency and coherence of actions/programmes, the Chapter shall be affiliated to , and chartered by Internet Society, 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 210, Reston, VA 20191 - 3429 U S A., and shall cooperate with any other Association/Society whose objectives in the opinion of the Executive Council of the Chapter, are to the best interest of the Chapter.


Internet Society Nigeria Chapter
Email: [email protected].ng
Danelec, Plot 278 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout,
P.O.Box 4818, Port Harcourt, Nigeria